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tv   11 News Today  NBC  April 13, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> new taxes and fees, that's how to mayor says she plans to raise none baltimore city. i'm jennifer franciotti. details are next. >> the 2010 session of the m maryland general assembly is in the books. what kept lawmakers in the 11th hour and the progress. >> and did you know in today's "woman's doctor," why women are more prone to knee injuries. >> and the 11 news forecast. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning. i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm stan stovall. in for mindy basara. and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us today. >> sometimes you forget your name when it's 6:00. i've said good morning. i'm -- who am? i john? tom? >> who are you you? >> sandra. >> i don't know why i couldn't
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figure that one out. weatherwise changes in the air. been in the 70's, we've had sunshine. now we're going to turn the quorner back into an earlier spring-time situation. we can see rain off to our northwest, but that's not going to come into this morning until late they are afternoon. right now it's dry. temperatures in the lower 40's and 50's k only the going to make it into the 50's. it most likely will be rainy this afternoon. let's see what's on tap as we head into the weekend. first we say good morning again to -- what's your name? >> sarah. yeah. >> you better get it right. >> things rolling down the road. a problem southbound 95 coming out of the northeast at 26 miles per hour headed towards the beltway. just prior to the beltway we have an accident involving an
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overturned vehicle. we'll let you know if things are starting to move better. but padonia to harrisburg expressway, a bit of a slowdown. at mariesville road an accident off to the shoulder. delay in the westbound direction but fog on the knot side. 895 from the 95 merge to the harbor tunnel tolls. quick look at the white marsh area, southbound from white marsh to the beltway is where the accident takes up two left lanes. let's switch takeover to a look at west side, running smoothly. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning, the gavel has gone down bringing a close to the 2010 session to the maryland general
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assembly. >> david collins has a recap of the last-minute frenzy of activity and what was accomplished. >> tough economic times influenced this session and many of the last-minute decisions regarded this policy. >> the governor describes it as less partisan than in years past. but poet pearts helped craft tougher sex onchter legislation. and eliminate waste and abuse in state health care principals. >> those wouldn't have gotten done were it not for republican and democratic support through this. >> i think all in all it was an excellent session under tough, tough times. tough circumstances. >> the governor's schedule ad bill signing for 10 a.m. the i his second one.
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topping the list cracking down on waste and abuse in the state health care programs. in annapolis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> for continued coverage on the accomplishments of this year's legislative session, we urge you to visit our site at on the politics page. >> faced with the tough choice of raising taxes or making cuts. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has opted for the taxes a decision that will impact everyone who 4rif6ds, works in or visits the city in one way or another. jennifer we've with more on the story. >> hey, stan, the mayor's plan to close that $121 million budget gap includes reducing spending by $70 million and generating some $50 million in revenue. these cuts and taxes are necessary to keep jobs and essential service ins place like police and fire and the plan includes slashing $250 jobs. freezing pay increases and
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implementing a new prescription dug plan for employees and the mayor says she will not raise property taxes but a beverage container sir charge and bed tax for large non-profit hospitals and universities and raising things like energy, parking, parking meter fees in certain areas of the city like federal hill muent vernon and raising parking fines by 20%. >> this is not a drill. this is real. and if we don't fix the budget right away public safety and essential services are at risk. >> now the city council thereof vote this new plan. that will happen engine june and we'll have reaction to this. >> jen, thank you, that brings us to our water cooler question of the day, what do you think of the mayor's propose to reduce the budget short fall?
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email your response to >> 13 alleged members of a notorious street gang are accused of operateing a heroin ring all while working in a program to prevent youth violence. todd duncan thread efforts to control the baltimore hair win trade on the streets and behind prison walls and at the same time he sebbed as a youth council through the operation safe streets program. all 13 defendants face one count of conspiracy to distribute hair win that could carry life sentence. >> the parents of a 15 year old boy who was beaten are sueing the family and school board and the family is skewing the two teens convicted of manslaughter and other teens and one adult connected to the crime and the school board for more than $10 million. he was killed riding his bicycle home from school and
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jones' mother says he was bullied by gang members at his school. >> meanwhile the teen accuse of shooting and wounding a 5-year-old girl continues to insist he was not there when the shots were fired. as his attempted murder trial continues jurors heard a taped interview in which he told police he was at home during the shooting that wounded the 5-year-old and a second victim and says his ankle monitor brace let proves it but when police arrested him at his girlfriend's house the strap was on his ankle but the monitor was at his house five miles away. >> defense attorneys questioned 16-year-old maurice powell who they say was the shooter but after admitting he was involved in a fist fight prior to the shooting powell invoked his fifth amendment rights and refused to answer any foote questions. >> police have now apprehended
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the teen they say was responsible for a stabbing attack over the weekend. he was arrested yesterday for an attack on an 18-year-old saturday night along pioneer dive. that victim flames serious but stable condition and charges against a second suspect are pending. >> also police in anne arundel police and safety fptors are trying to figure out what caused a deadly accident. authorities say a granite slab that was being unloaded from a tractor-trailer slipped and crushed a 41-year-old man. the victim has not been identified and no one else was hurt. >> the third time was anything but a charm for census workers affers another suspicious substance found in an envelope forced an evacuation of their building. after a poudry substance was discovered for a third time coming on the heels of saturday's similar scare as well as one that hatched last
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month. in each case the suspicious substance was found to be harmless. >> it is 6:08. coming up in this morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> also ahead the pittsburgh steelers star quarterback is breathing a little easier after georgia authorities come to a decision into their investigation into the alleged sexual assault but he may not be out of the woods just yet. deals ahide. >> and a discovery in front of a dallas citizenship club. why one man is in trouble at home and with the law. >> find out how you can get discount spa services like this place in little italy. details ahead. >> and if you normally take 95 out of the white marsh area, there's an overturned vehicle with a major traffic imp
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>> welcome back to 11 news today, our live shot courtesy of our tower cam. 54 degrees at the maryland science center, and you know we made it through a really tough winter. probably the toughest in decades is to why not treat yourself to a little pampering? >> we are joined by sandra shaw at the med spa. >> this is a great experience because not only are you going to be pamp pered but a discount. it started yesterday and we're here at the tuscana med spa a pina colada pedicure and mandy is getting worked on by takia who is going to make her feet nice for sandals and strappy
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heels for the spring because the weather has been nice. tusca for the color. bright for her nails. but this is a medi spa so not only do you offer these services but medi services as well. >> yes. medical grade mike dermabrasion one and of the only spas in the area offering a zerona laser for weight loss. >> all the art work in this please is done by a local artist. transport it's you everything from the floors to the murals to be wall. $50 will get you service that is usually run you $75-$85 so today not warm enough for the strappy sandals. we have a stalled out front so expect showers today, showers showing up on the radar and in
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western maryland but toy, nothing like getting those feet until perfect condition for the summer and the spring. bring it on. i know a lot of people probably need it after this winter. >> and here they say it should be spa week every week. >> it really is an awesome deal so they are still taking appointments everything from the swedish massage to the signature facial to this ped occur service. >> never too early to go to the spa, right? >> weatherwise as sandra mentioned, going to be changing today. chillier than the last couple days so light jacket in order and maybe even an you mean bella. taking you back up stream into ohio and the great lakes, not heavy rain but the further we go into the morning the better the chance this will catch-up to us. so each if it's not raining now lit by lunchtime.
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clouds are thickening up. you may get a peek at the sun but it will then get cloudy. there's a chilly mess we're in right now and eventually the warm air will come back but it's going to take about 36 hours for that to happen. right now we're in the chilly stuff. 45 in tawny town in carroll county. mostly cloudy the forecast for today. off-and-on rain showers this morning into the afternoon and high temperatures will only be in the mid 50's. showers likely to want@as well, otherwise mostly cloudy and chilly with low temperatures dropping back. still could be rain in the early morning on wednesday then it should clear up with a high near 63. shine back up close to 70 then another system comes in late friday into saturday morning
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with some rain and right now looks like it will be a killy weekend. high of only 63 on saturday and 61 on sunday. that's a look at the seven-day forecast. sarah caldwell will be a busy person right now. >> unfortunately southbound 95 approaching the beltway northeast an overturned vehicle. you can see the heavy delays on 95 stretching back prior to white marsh all the way through to the accident scene. two left lanes closed. take pulaski highway. eastbound padonia road a disabled tractor-trailer. blocking the right lane. looks like this one is clear at i-70. another accident glen burnie if you travel near landmark drive, watch for police responding to a crash there but the big story southbound 95. that's the pace of things, not moving. it is approaching white marsh
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now. going to stretch back to just past the mountain road vicinity because this is the time when we see the heavy delays in this area already. those delays stretch down to approaching the beltway. here's your better bet. take pulaski highway as your alternate, but that's going to start to fill up, too. >> a look at our top stories this morning, pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger may have dodged a blitz by georgia prosecuters but still may be in hot water in the national football league. the district attorney's office says there's not enough evidence to charge him with attacking a 20-year-old inside the rest room of a bar but roger goodell could impose some punishment. >> a tow truck driver found two young children locked inside an illegally parked car but their father was keeping them there
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while he was having a good time at a nearby strip club. his 3-year-old and 9-month-old were left in the car a locksmith got the kids out and released them to the custody of their mother. galloway faces two counties of child endangerment and is being held on $10,000 bond. >> in this morning's consumer alert joseph a. bank is expanding their factory store business. they plan to open five new factory stores which provide discounts off their typical high-end merchandise. >> there were some big wins-for-wall street yesterday but now there's new concerns about the health of the economy. 11 news jane king explains in this morning's bloomberg business report. >> good morning, stocks rallying yesterday partly on the news that greece was being
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offered a huge bailout. the dow closed above 1,000 for the first time since 2008. now investors have new worries about the strength of the recovery. the largest aluminum producer kicking off earnings season with a dud. investors closely follow alcoa numbers because they're prrkts are used in everything from coke cans to jet planes. already this morning alcoa's report dragged down china and european markets. later today quartererly reports by intel and they are expecting a substantial rise if profit. also reporting earnings today an annapolis-based southern bank corps. according to united health group and well points are fighting the obama administration requiring
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insurers to spend 80% of revenue on actual health care. >> the rival the university of maryland the meeting and conference planners are starting to shun hotels and instead homeding them on college campuses the reason is simple hosting a conference at a college is cheaper. at the new york stock exchange, wbal-tv 11 news. >> in this morning's "woman's doctor," knee injuries are more common to women, in fact injuries to the a.c.l. are 3-8 times moore common especially true in female athletes. donna hamilton 134r5eu7bs why and what can be done to prevent them. >> women play sports more than ever and also have more knee
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injuries like 21-year-old sarah, during a routine. >> when i came down the second time my knee popped and i fell to the ground and cried. >> mercy medical center orthopedist says that's almost a classic story of an a.c.l. injury. >> then i think you can see that white spot here is where the tear is. >> why are women's knees injured more often? the doctor says it's a combination of things. >> the ham strings aren't quite as strong in windchill so our ligaments play a more important roll when we're landing. >> add to that a higher pell vision a higher center of deprath and hormones. >> hormones do play a role. women athletes tend to have a.c.l. injuries more often when they are in the ovulation portion of their cycle when their estrogen is higher. >> how to avoid injuries? build up to a sport. don't do the same thing
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representatively. do some cross training and emphasize balance. >> does this hurt? >> no. >> how about down here? >> still numb down there. an for a knee to be stable enough for sports surgery is omp the answer. sarah had her zral rebuilt and while she still has some knee pain. >> i'm almost trod test myself to try to get back into cheerleading just to see how i do. of course i'm a little nervous. >> donna hamilton, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 6:22. 47 degrees on tv hill with another check on weather and traffic ahead. >> conan o'brien finds a new home for his late-night comedy but probably not where you'd expect. we'll tell you where the talk show host is headed next. >> here are last night's maryland winning lottery numbers.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus forecast together. >> good morning, sarah caldwell checking in on your morning commute. problems southbound approaching the beltway still an accident being cleared but may be at least off to the shoulder, looks like maybe lanes are open now that we have things moving a little bit better in that area. we'll let you know. quarter field road at landmark drive, multiple vehicles involved in a car accident. quick live look at traffic.
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5 at white marsh starttology move better so, looks like that accident may be off to the shoulder. that's the latest. tony? >> good morning. things pretty quiet right now, but we do expect rain to mover in later this morning. right now temperatures in the upper 40's and low 50's. take a light jacket and umbrella with you this morning. after 9:00 we'll see a chance of off-and-on rain showers with a high temperature of 56. we'll check your seven-day new york. for now to the news desk. >> former anton schutz show host conen o' -- former tonight show host, conan o'brien will return to late-night tv on the cable superstation w tbs. his show will debut in november and in a statement o'brien said
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in three months i've gone from network television to twitter to performing live in theaters and now headed to basic cable. my plan is working out perfectly. >> and jay leno's tonight show host bandleader kevin eubanks is set to leave. eubanks says he's ready to a career change and for a chance to finally finish playing a song to an audience. no word on who might replace him. >> coming up in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> i'm jennifer franciotti, we'll tell you how much the budget cut will be. >> president obama making progress at this two-day nuclear summit but can plans be put into action? i'm kate amara with the story. >> we're live at the tuscana >> we're live at the tuscana medi spa and discounted
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>> good morning, everybody.
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welcome back to 11 news today, i'm stan stovall. >> i'm lisa robinson in for mindy, thank you for joining us. meteorologist tony pann has a look at today's forecast. >> so far things are quiet. cloudy skies , but no precipitation. shooting for a high in the mid 50's. we can see rain in the area of pennsylvania and as we head through the morning there's a pretty good chance this rain will cross over spot baltimore area. so take an umbrella with you even though most likely it is not raining at your house right now. we'll take a look at what's on tap for the weekend. >> after taking a look at the budget mayor stephanie rawlings-blake unveils a plan to keep the city operating. >> jennifer franciotti joins us live from city hall with details. >> good morning. the mayor says her plan calls for cuts and new taxes and says it's necessary to close that budget gap and keep everyone safe. >> on monday mayor stephanie
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rawlings-blake announce ad bold plan that calls for reducing spending by $70 and generating $50 million in new revenue. the mayor says the cuts and new taxs are essential to keep essential service ins place like police and phi. >> as many of these cuts we would be forced to make are simply unacceptable. especially those to police, fire, infrastructure, and recreation and parks. >> the plan includes slashing 250 jobs, keeping the furlough plan in place and freezing pay increases and implementing a new prescription drug plan for city employees. the mayor says she will not raise property taxes by revenue ideas include a bottle tax and revenue sir charge. soda, bottled water, beer and alcohol. the measure exempts milk, fruit juices and members of a group called stop baltimore beverage
6:32 am
bottle thaksin assist it will drive exers out of the city. >> they are buying soft drinks but everything else. that's $20,000 a week in sales for my store alone, which would equal four or five jobs. >> i didn't write the bill, but i'm carefully looking at it. because fringely we need some mown to support our fire and our police. >> and the bottle tax isn't the only money-generating idea. there's plenty others. we'll detail those coming up. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. meanwhile the police and fire unions found temperatureses as unexpected allies of the mayor's plan. it was expected to be a protest but became a rally of support after union officials say they are cautiously optimistic. >> i think we know now what the
6:33 am
mayor's revenue package includes. and i think we have a good sense of how that would assist our department. so we're hopefull we can support the mayor's package. we're hopefull that we can convince our friends on the council to do the same whether or not that comes to pass remains to be seen. >> the unions now hope to convince the council to support the new proposal when it comes up for a vote. >> it's time to get town to work for world leaders. later this morning president obama will saturdays the conference as he continues to push for securing loose nukes. his efforts receiveing a boost from some early progress made behind-the-scenes. kate amara 134r5eu7bs. -- explains. >> good morning to you lisa. president obama is getting some early dividends from this nuclear summit, especially on the issue of iran, which is at the top of his agenda. >> early signs of progress at
6:34 am
president obama's nuclear summit. chinese president hu jintao agrees to possible sanctions against iran for trying to develop nuclear weapons, canada will return unspent nuclear fuel to the u.s. and ukraine announced it would give up its weapons grade uranium. press secretary gibbs says that's enough material to construct several nuclear weapons. >> this shows the ukraine's continued progress in non-proliferation. >> the u.s. fwoonts secure all vulnerable nuclear materials worldwide in the next four years. >> there are materials out there that terrorist groups are trying to go after. >> by the close of this conference president obama hopes each country will sign off on a plan. >> i think the proof that we need to see coming out of that conference is did we really get anything substantive or was it used to be one hand by some
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countries for grand standing and by others to make pie us statements but there's no follow-up? >> iran and north korea were not invited in fact this weekend iran says it's holding its own nuclear summit. >> i'm kate amara. wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore's college of notre dame is looking to move up officials at the women's catholic -- say they are seeking university status say agnew name will reflect their structure. if the university designation goes through it plans to educate women in their traditional undergrad program while male students can teashed the weekend accelerated college and graduate program. >> a couple of local success stories and competitions to be national stage, first to the which he is team unbc beat out three teams from texas in the final four to claim the ncaa which he is championship this
6:36 am
past weekend and the host university of texas at brownsville came in second texas tech came in third and ut at dallas came in fourth. >> the local cup stacking champion, easy for me to say. we introduce you to last week. he competed takeover weekend in the world ninals denver, colorado and canard tooking sixth overall in the 3-vi6-3 -- 3-6-3 competition. >> time no for an update on traffic pulse 11. we've had problems on ssh 95, still looking at delays approaching the beltway. the good news is the accident approaching the beltway is now off to the side so progress to report there. meanwhile, we still have an accident at quarter field road and landmark drive. another spot delayed eastbound
6:37 am
padonia at the harrisburg expressway. a disabled tractor-trailer is taking up a lane there. 12 minutes on the west side. down 32 in howard county. in white marsh, much better. we had traffic at a stand still, now it's monthing headed down towards beltway and we'll switch to a live view of pulaski. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now we check in live again with sandra shaw celebrating spa week, and we all could use some pampering, right? >> we're here at the tuscanny med did spa in little lit i. this is spa week and one treatment the pina colada pedicure usually running $75 dollars. you can get it for $50. right now takia is applying a
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manageo mask to her feet. what sort of services do you have here? >> we do anything from a manicure and pedicure also to a ma ridian stimlation for smoking sensation. >> it is a med did spa so they have a wide variety of things offered. this is weatherwise more of a down day but by thursday 70 again, time to wear those cute, strappy sandals and ms get a pedicure for that. >> need to get ready for your cute, strappy sandals, san. >> if i can find some in a size 15. [laughter] >> coming up a 3-year-old girl gets on the job training in the family business but in most family businesses there aren't tigers waiting to eat you if you fail.
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>> and if you are done with that mango thing, we're still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day, what do you think of the mayor's proposal to reduce the budget short palm? send your emails to
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>> well, i'm told it was quite the popular video game years ago an for one love of the game arrest stroids, a medicine is now in the record books. he played the 80's favorite for 15 hours in his friend's basement and over the course of four days he radged up the
6:42 am
score of over 41 million beating the 1982 previous record by 200,000 points. 4 etried beating the arrest stroids high score once before but gave up playing after only 36 hours. >> he wimped out that time. >> lots of parents encourage their kids to get into the family business but probably none as extreme as this. >> a 3-year-old girl is learning to walk a tightrope 20 feet above the ground and if that weren't enough a group of tigers were eagerly awaiting below. she did have a safety harness which she needed years many times but the father is being criticized for what many say amounted to child abuse. >> i agree. by the way that's how i learned the television anchor business. >> yes. >> coming up we'll take a look
6:43 am
at the morning headlines. >> i'm tony pann. things are quiet right now but we expect rain to move in. all is quiet right now. 50 degrees atop b.w.i.
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. in this morning's headlines, governor martin o'malley's wrist will get quite a workout after the bills passed, among them, a ban to be use of handheld cell phones and a mandatory prison sentence for certain sex offenders and the budget. the parents of a teen killed in a beating last year are suing their son's asame nts and the coun school board. the two teens convicted of man
6:46 am
sluther, three other teens and an do you want connected to the crime and the school poured. he was attacked while riding his bike home from school. his parents say he was bullied by gang members at school. >> and authorities say 22-year-old college park students john was singing a school fight song on his way out of a maryland h.d.-duke fight scene when officers started to beat him without warning. the student said he did nothing to provoke the student but after defending the police officers an investigation has now begun into the beating. >> sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. coming out of the white marsh area with the accident approaching the beltway. we still have this accident. multiple vehicles at quarter
6:47 am
field road landmark drive involving milt approximately vehicles. we know we have a right-lane closure at the harrisburg expressway due to a disabled tractor-trailer. and on the north side approaching dulaney valley. a live look at the white marsh area, much-improved there heading southbound. no delays in this area but past this point white marsh and the embezzlementway you will be sitting in some traffic. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now sandra has a check on spa week. she's previewing it. and what's your favorite spa treatment? >> the classic swedish massage and hot stone massage. i think there's nothing better than a massage but honestly i like it all. anyway, this is your week to check things out at the spa of your choice. we are at the medi spa here at
6:48 am
tuscanny medi spa. this is one of many treatments you can get for only $50 this week. usually running $75-$85. i'm going to ask dr. gary generalings about others. >> you can get a body scrub and -- in addition the massage. and tanning treatments also. >> really great. >> basically you can still get -- make appointments here at tuscana medi spa and you can go online and there's a link to all the spas that are participating. let's talk about the weather a little bit. chilly and damp today. we expect intermittent showers. we'll see more of this as the
6:49 am
disturbance drifts south. you can indulge yourself. manny, feeling good? >> i bet you are. >> tony -- >> i bet you start a new trend. go to the spa before work and then work. >> or just stay there all day. >> forget about work altogether. that's an idea. appreciate that, sandra. >> as sandra mentioned, may not be raining at your house right now but take an umbrella with you. a lot of precipitation up stream, diving down twards baltimore so light rain will likely move in after 9:00 a.m. this morning. we should get through the drive time without precipitation. the clouds are thickening up. we may have had a peek of sunshine but the clouds will be thickening up throughout the rest of the morning.
6:50 am
but the dividing line between the chilly air mass and the warm air we were in. eventually the warm air will come back, but that's going to take about 36 hours to happen. right now it's chilly. take a light jacket and an umbrella as you step out this morning. forecast for today, mostly cloudy. chance for some rain showers later this morning and into this amp. high temperatures only in the mid 50's. we had been in the 70's. tonight off-and-on rain showers and chilly conditions with temperatures dropping back into the 40's. a front will come through early with a chance for rain showers but after that it should clear up and we'll get back into the mild air. we'll make that transition back into the good stuff. 63 tomorrow after the chance for rain early in the morning. 70 with sunshine in the morning. thursday will probably be the
6:51 am
nicest day and late friday into saturday morning and right now i think most of the weekend will be dry other than early saturday but chilly with high temperatures in the 60's. so guys big change in the weather department with high temperatures only in the ooh's. >> tony, thank you. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has proposed a solution to the city's nine-figure budget crisis. jennifer franciotti joins us live from city hall with details. good morning, jen. >> good morning. to close the $12 is million budget gap the -- the $121 million budget gap she'll have to have taxs raised on things like energy, income, parking, telecommunications, hotels also increasing parking meter fees in some of the cities,
6:52 am
reduceing the early discount for property taxes and raising parking fines if by 20%. the mayor says it's all northwest to keep jobs and much-needed services like police and fire departments. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thanks, jen, that brings us your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked what do you think of the mayor's proposals to reduce the budget short fall. >> the mayor certainly has a daunting task with the current budget. i see nothing pro business in the budget. what is the city's department of economic development doing to bring business into maryland snd that would help. >> and another writes the budget cuts have to come from somewhere. i can liver with the soda and juice tax. you can't please everyone. no matter what decision is made, someone is going to gripe about it. this man is the best one i've
6:53 am
heard thus far. we need our firefighters, recreation centers and police. we will post more of your answers on the front of our website. >> coming up today on "open exchange" she's the unspited queen of hip-hop soul, mary j. blige performance and chris rock's wife has ways to improve your life. >> and coming up on a tuesday morning on "today" the dow pass it is 11,000 mark for the first time since 2008 but some experts are warning it's premature to think the recession is over. plus the latest search of an 11-year-old girl who vanished in an area filled with alligator. and indicate gosselin will speak out about her divorce and rumors she is a diva on the set of "dancing with the stars" we get started on this tuesday
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morning right here on "today." >> just ahead we'll take a look at weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day.
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don't look at me. >> actually we've got a few problems to run down for you if you're headed out the door. glen burnie and that accident now southbound 295 just past water view. be careful there. >> right lane at padonia closed
6:57 am
with a disabled tractor-trailer. that's been there all morning. one delay coming off the ramp from 795 impacting traffic so typical rush, a few incidents. we'll check back with you in a half-hour on those. >> big change coming up. the last couple of days we've had sunshine, temperatures in the seven-days and a good chance of hours. i think it will be dry for the rest of the drive time but take an umbrella and light jacket with you. it will be back up close to 70 on thursday but -- >> no strappy sandals today? >> not unless you want to wear black sandals. i could pull it off. >> please don't. thank you for joining us on 11 news today. >> we're back with a live update on 7:2 5. tune into wbal-tv radio.
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>> bye.
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